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ENHANCED AIMING - Providing quality game hacks since 2014.


























Enhanced Aiming is a private organization that provides you with the most best and most efficent aimboting and hacks service known to man. Above are the games we provide, press and image to download the games the services provide. In each download you will find two text documents labeled with instructions and a readme. Please read through them, they will guide and tell you how each one works. If you would like to request some support or a game to be modded, please email us at support@enhancedaiming, we will get your question within 12 hours and then get back to you. We also provide a installation service through skype at a fee, send us a email.


Enhanced Aiming has been providing gamers bots and hacks since 2014. We provide clash of clans hacks, playstation network hacks, xbox live hacks, riot point generators, and more! We are a group of indie developers who

have made this our project to develop top quality modded games for a range of titles, to test ourselfs, we take on the newest and badest. We also accept all challanges / requests sent by our fans. Please be aware that this page is very oftenly updated and changed, if any of the mods have been patched it will be immeditaly removed and updated. We have made our mods so that you are safe from being banned on every game.